Thursday, February 26, 2015

I haven't written any short stories lately because I have been taking a playwriting class. One of our weekly homework assignments is to write a one minute play. It's a fun exercise. Since this is such a short little play I decided to share.  Enjoy!

Laura, a woman in her thirties, sits at a table for two in a restaurant, dressed in a short black skirt, high heels, low cut top.  She is checking her phone. Brad, about 10 years older, overweight, balding, dressed in sloppy attire, enters.  He sees Laura and grins. He swaggers over confidently

You must be Laura.

(looks up smiling, sees Brad, and stops smiling)
Oh, hi. You’re Brad I assume.

(with a big smile sits down next to her)
You’re even more beautiful than your online picture. All I can say is wow!!

Um, yer, me too, um, though, I am so sorry, I have to cancel.  I , um, uh, started getting a bad stomach ache a few minutes ago. It must be something I ate for lunch. Maybe another time.
( Laura gets up holding her stomach and smiles weakly at Brad)
(pulling out some Tums from his pocket)
Never fear, Brad is here!  ( he laughs loudly and snorts).  I always come prepared. Plus my sister is a nurse and she lives down the street. We can always go there if this doesn’t work. You shouldn’t drive if you don’t feel well.

( crossing and uncrossing her arms, looking around very uncomfortable)
It’s just my acid reflex, I have medicine at home, it doesn’t affect my driving ( gives a fake laugh),  I really need to go. Very nice meeting you, I’ll be in touch.

(Brad reaches into his other pocket and pulls out Nexium)
I have nexium with me as well. I also get acid refex!  Wow, we are two peas in a pod. We are so meant to be.  (He gives her a big hug. She tries to get away. He holds her tighter)  You are so sexy, I can’t stop hugging you.  ( He grins from ear to ear and looks like a happy child)

Look Brad, I need to be honest. I sometimes get diarrhea with my acid reflex so I really need to go home. Like NOW. Okay? Please let me go before I shit all over the floor. 

My dog gets diarrhea all the time, I’m used to it. Nothing bothers me. I just really want to get to know you better.
(There is a loud crash of thunder and we hear torrents of rain pouring down)
Now there is no way I’m letting you drive home.  Plus, we have so much to talk about. I want to hear all the details of your stomach ailments.

(Laura looks like she is going to cry as she sits back down at the table and opens the menu).


  1. I absolutely love this play!! It's amazing that it provides such tremendous fun in only one minute!! Great work, and thanks for posting it!!