Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Texting Dangers

Casey relaxed in her lounge chair, drinking a glass of wine. Her cat Beauty nestled in her lap.  Her husband Walter was working late again and she was feeling lonely.  She hadn’t heard from him all day.
Hey, just checking in, call me, she texted him. She picked up a magazine and tried to focus on an article, but was too distracted.
She texted her best friend Eileen: I’m lonely, how r u doing?
Casey stroked her cat, who purred. She massaged Beauty’s head.  She waited for a text back and thought of Alex, her cute personal trainer . Not only did he have a hot body,  but a gentle soul. They became friends over the past few months, and she fantasized about him obsessively.  She suffered from a lack of affection at home;  daydreaming about him was her escape. She knew he was attracted to her and thought about texting him. She tried to control herself.
She texted Eileen again:  I am tempted to text you know who, help.
She heard the familiar ding, looked down, and saw that Walter texted her back,  Sorry I didn’t call.  I feel crappy, I have a  cold and  my nose is all stuffed. I’m leaving work now, hope there is dinner.
Her heart felt heavy. A frown replaced her smile.  Walter was a complainer who didn’t appreciate anything she did. She cooked dinner five times a week and never got a thank you. She craved a  hug last night but he blew her off because his throat hurt .  His coldness saddened her.   She escaped by excessively flirting with Alex . As she thought of Alex, she felt warm and tingly. Her smile returned as she texted Eileen:  I  would love to straddle him and make him happy, if you know what I mean, lol..that body, wow!  
Beauty jumped off her lap,  almost knocking over her wine. She got distracted, pressed send, and to her horror, saw the text being sent to Walter.
At that moment Eileen responded back to her earlier text: Sorry you’re lonely but don’t text Alex.
She dialed Eileen and when she answered, Casey screamed, “Oh my god, I thought I was texting you and I texted Walter and oh my do you undo a text? Help!”
“Ok, calm down, what exactly did you write?”  Eileen asked.
After Casey told her, Eileen said, “ Oh boy, this is bad. Walter is so jealous as it is. Maybe you can say we were playing some weird truth or dare game?”
Casey’s heart felt like it was going to explode through her chest. After she hung up with Eileen, she paced around her house, mindlessly picking things up and then putting them down. She checked on the soup she had put up earlier , and when she heard the garage door open, she thought she would throw up.
She quickly texted Eileen : wish me luck, I feel sick
Walter entered the house frowning. The smell of chicken soup permeated the kitchen.  
“Hi , I’m home.”  
“Hey, how are you feeling?” she asked timidly.
“Crappy day. My boss was in a bad mood and my cell ran out of battery after I sent you my last text. Did you get it?”
She gleefully wanted to jump up and down.  He hadn’t read her last text.
“Just settle back. I made some yummy chicken soup. Give me your phone, I’ll charge it for you,” she offered.
“No, I can do it myself”, he said, looking for the charger.
She grabbed the phone. “ It’s upstairs. Relax. I’ll be right back.”
She ran to the bedroom, plugged in the phone and quickly went to delete her text. She saw two missed texts-- The first one from her and the second one from someone named Rachel.  She opened it first and read Missed your hot body today, hope u feel better tomorrow for a hug!
Her body tensed.  She heard him coming up the stairs and quickly put the phone down.
All during dinner, she thought to herself  “Who is Rachel? “  
After dinner, Walter snuck up behind her and gave her a big hug. “I’m sorry I haven’t been that nice to you... thank you for dinner tonight.” He kissed her on the neck.
She clenched her jaw. She had to get to the phone to delete her text and find out who Rachel was.
“So, how is Lisa?” she asked. Lisa was his mousy secretary. She was the only female in the accounting office where Walter worked.  Maybe she left and his new secretary was named Rachel ?
“Why are you asking about Lisa? I thought you didn’t like her, ” he answered.
“You haven’t mentioned her in a while. Just checking if she still works for you,” answered Casey.
“Yep, she’s fine.”
Lets fool around,” Casey suggested. She needed to delete her text . She would distract him , delete the text, and worry about Rachel later.
“ Let’s wait till the weekend. My nose is clogged, I just want to go to sleep. But let me call my mom first . She called today, and I haven’t called her back yet.”
Casey panicked. She blurted out “Who’s Rachel?”
Walter paled. “ Um... she is... um, why are you asking?”
Casey looked down as she said, “ She sent you a text. I read it. She said she missed your hot body and wanted a hug.”
“You searched through my texts!” he screamed as he slammed his fist on the table.
Casey’s face contorted as she whispered, “It was an accident.”
“It was a surprise for you. I know you’ve been training for a while  and I got insecure about my flabbiness. I’ve  been going to a gym to look better for you, and my trainer Rachel is a big flirt. I canceled our app’t today because of my cold,” he said, as he shook his head.
Casey felt guilty for not trusting him, and even guiltier for the text to Eileen about Alex. She didn’t know if he was telling the truth, but knew she had to delete her text.
“I’m sorry,”  she said, as she ran her fingers through her hair.
“Forget it... I had a miserable day. I’ll call my mom tomorrow. I’m going to sleep,” he said.
Casey fidgeted as she said, “ I’ll come to bed shortly.”
She ran into the study, rapidly breathing, plotting how she would access his phone. It was still in the charger in the bedroom.
“As soon as he falls asleep, I’ll quietly get up and delete my text,” she thought.
After brushing her teeth, washing her face, and settling into bed, she tucked herself in and lay awake. After five minutes , she heard him snoring.  
She slid one leg off the bed when she felt his arm flop onto her belly.
“Shit,” she thought, as he cuddled  her in his sleep.
She gently tried to remove his arm without waking him. She succeeded, got out of bed, and tiptoed to his phone.
“What are you doing?” she heard. She turned around to see him sitting up.
“Are you checking for more texts? Do you not trust me?” he asked.
Casey bit her lip as she muttered, “ No, I don’t like keeping a phone charging overnight.”  She unplugged it and gave him a fake smile.
“Ok, come to bed,” he demanded.
She put the phone down and crept into bed. He immediately fell asleep, as she tossed and turned with thoughts of  Rachel , Alex, and both texts.
After about fifteen minutes, she heard his loud snores. She snuck out of bed, grabbed the phone, and ambled into the bathroom. Her hand shook as she deleted her text.  She then felt a tingle, looked down at her hand and saw a stinkbug. She jumped, waving her hand in the air, as both the stinkbug and phone flew out of her hand and landed in the toilet.
“Oh my god!” She quickly fished it out.  “I need to put it in rice. Oh my, oh no, how  am I ever going to explain this?”
Casey wrapped it in tissues, slowly opened the bathroom door, and inched out.
“Damn, I should have brought my flashlight. I can’t see anything,” she thought, as she crept to the staircase.  She bumped into something, heard a meow, and fell over Beauty as the phone went flying down the stairs.
“What the heck!” Walter bolted out of bed. “Are you alright? What’s going on?”
Walter switched the light on, and Casey saw his phone at the bottom of the stairs. She blinked back tears.
“What were you doing? Casey? Why is my phone down there?”
She knew she couldn’t tell him about her text to Eileen. “I’m so sorry...I dropped it in the toilet, I was nervous about Rachel and was checking for more texts. I’m so sorry,” she said as she licked her lips and looked down.
Walter cleared his throat. “ If I wasn’t feeling so sick and stuffy I’d probably be a lot madder. You need to trust me Casey. You could have fallen down the stairs and killed yourself! I know I don’t always show it but I really love you. You sure you’re okay? ”
Casey took a deep breath as she stood up. “ Thank God for carpeting. No bruises. I love you too, and I’ll get you the newest iPhone tomorrow.”
“Let’s go to sleep,” he begged.
“I’ll be right there,” she said.
She scurried to the study, thinking, “ Trust is important . We need to trust each other.  But, I’d better delete all texts from my phone just in case.”
She picked up her phone and smiled broadly when she saw a text from Alex.  Confirming our training session for tomorrow at 11AM.
What she wanted to write was Can’t wait to feel your strong arms all over my body, hot stuff.
“ I think I learned my lesson,” she thought, as she texted See you tomorrow.


  1. Wow. I have a feeling that Walter is cheating on her though. He's trying to shake it off and pretend nothing is going on but I still suspect there is.

    Thanks for sharing! Loved this story!

  2. Thank you Kim for reading! Maybe there will be a part 2 and then you'll find out if your suspicions are correct : )

  3. I absolutely loved reading this great story! So well written and very, very funny! I was relieved that Casey deleted her text before Walter saw it. The story also has an important message to people to be careful!