Saturday, November 15, 2014

Night Secrets

Olivia sat in the front seat as their black Lexus barreled down the dark road. The car skidded a bit as it hit a few ice patches sending a chill through Olivia’s bones.
“Craig, drive slower please! Are you sure you are okay to drive?”
Craig replied, “Olivia, I’m fine, stop nagging.”
She flashbacked to the party they were returning from. Craig’s accounting firm held their annual
holiday party at a fancy restaurant where the liquor flowed easily. Every time she saw Craig he
had his hands wrapped around a beer, like a mother bear protecting her cubs. As she engaged in mundane chatter with the other women, Olivia observed him drinking and flirting. He seemed smitten with Elissa, the wife of one of Craig's partners.  
Olivia sat in silence wishing she knew how to drive a stick shift so she can take over the driving. She only had one glass of wine and knew she was the safer driver.  She was so anxious that even the warmth traveling up her leg from the heated seat failed to calm her nerves.  
“Craig, slow down, you had too many beers to be driving this fast.”
“Olivia, stop it already!  John’s wife never nags him.”
Olivia seethed in her seat. All night, Elissa pranced around in six inch heels and a red mini dress that barely covered her perfectly formed backside. Olivia looked down at her conservative above the knee black skirt as she was overwhelmed with jealousy. Not only did Elissa have a perfect body but skin as smooth and wrinkle free as a ripe tomato. Elissa was probably around forty years old but easily passed for thirty. Olivia knew many of the women used Botox by their expressionless faces. Elissa was probably not one of those women, judging by her vibrant smile and animated face. Craig was enamored by her as he followed her around like a puppy dog.
She felt her blood boil when all of a sudden she heard a loud bang and the car rocked to the side. “Oh my god,what was that!” screamed Olivia.  
“I don’t know!”  Craig yelled back.  “Stay in the car, let me see what we hit.”  
“Damn you Craig, what if we hit a person? You’ll be arrested for drunk driving!”  screamed Olivia.   
“I’m not drunk, I’m fully capable of driving,” he said as he clenched his jaw.
Tears accumulated in Olivia’s eyes as she said, “ This is my fault for letting you drive after having those beers. We should have taken my car, then I would be driving and we wouldn’t be in this mess.”  
“Get a hold of yourself. I’m going out to see what we hit. It was probably just a squirrel or something”, said Craig.
Last night she asked him nicely to take out the garbage and he replied, “stop nagging me.”
Every time she asked him anything lately he would always reply the same. They would be celebrating their seven year anniversary next week and she wondered if all the rumors about the seven year itch were correct. Olivia closed her eyes and thought about all the fights they were having lately. For a fleeting moment she hoped they hit Elissa.
Olivia opened her eyes and said, “I’m going with you”.
As soon as she exited the car the frigid air hit her and she began to shiver.  “Craig, its pitch black out here, I’m scared.”  
Craig took out his iPhone and shined the flashlight on the ground. All they saw were a few icy spots, and the bleak gray pavement. Some leftover snow crunched underneath Olivia’s boots. They both looked around a little more but saw nothing. Olivia looked up at the sky and saw complete darkness. Not even a star. Ghostly images started haunting Olivia. She grabbed Craig’s arm and screamed,“Let’s go back in the car, I want to go home”
She trembled from head to toe. Craig hugged her. She momentarily forgot about Elissa as his warm body protected her.  He opened the door and she gently slid back in her seat. As he got in the driver’s seat she noticed the blood on the floor. A patch of blood stood out in contrast to the dingy brown rug.
“Craig!” she screamed.
“What’s wrong?”
“There’s blood on the bottom of my shoe. I must have stepped in it outside. We must have hit someone, oh God, oh God,” Olivia cried.
Craig paled. “Olivia, what if I killed someone?”
Olivia broke out into a cold sweat. “We need to go back out there.”
“Stop nagging, you always nag, ” Craig said with a shaky voice.
Olivia flung open the door and ran outside; Craig quickly followed suit. She took out her iPhone and shined the flashlight until she saw the blood. Right next to the blood was a simple diamond earring.  
“Craig, look,” Olivia said, her hand trembling as she showed the earring to Craig.
He looked ashen and his right eye began to twitch as he grabbed the earring. “ Let’s get out of here. I’m throwing this out as soon as we get home,” said Craig as he pushed Olivia back into the car.
Olivia trembled as Craig stepped on the gas. She looked out the window at the dark night wondering about the girl who lost her earring. Then a vision popped in her mind.  When they arrived at the party, she was introduced to Elissa as others were fawning over Elissa’s diamond necklace.
“John got this necklace and matching earrings for me for my birthday,” she gloated.
The elaborate necklace was filled with a combination of big and small diamonds with some emeralds thrown in. The earring was noticeably plain , like the earring in her hand .
She also remembered Craig was missing for about half an hour. “ Elissa wasn’t feeling well, I sat outside with her so she could get some fresh winter air,” was his excuse.
“ Did we hit Elissa? Did Elissa lose her earring when she was sitting outside with Craig? Did Craig find it and put it his pocket? Or were they sitting or doing something else? Or did the earring belong to a complete stranger? Someone they hit?” All these unanswered questions buzzed around in Olivia’s brain as her leg shook violently knowing she will probably never know the truth.

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