Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vacation Misery

The numbing cold breeze from the air conditioned lobby made Charlotte shiver as she entered the hotel in Acapulco, Mexico.  It was a welcome relief from the sultry August heat but it sent chills running up and down her spine. Booking this trip was a last minute decision after Rob decided he didn’t want to get married one month before their wedding.
“I’m sorry, but I’m just not ready yet,” he said to her.
“ We’ve been dating two years, I don’t get it. Please don’t leave me,” Charlotte begged.
After Charlotte sobbed and pleaded for an hour, Rob admitted he found someone else. Charlotte felt like she was run over by a truck and stabbed in the heart at the same time.
Charlotte dealt with conflict by running away, so she immediately booked a solitary vacation to Mexico. Going alone was her only option since all her good friends were either married or in serious relationships.   
Last year Rob said to her, “ Let’s go to Acapulco on our honeymoon.”
“ I don’t really want to go to Mexico. I would rather go to Bermuda or Aruba,” Charlotte  responded.
“There are better deals in Mexico. Its cheaper and I always wanted to go.”  He whined like a little kid being deprived of his favorite food.
She convinced him to go with pricey Bermuda.
She booked the trip to Acapulco as revenge since she knew he wanted to go there. “I’ll send him a postcard and tell him I am with a hot guy, that will show him,” she thought.
The lobby was decorated with hideous looking big brass chandeliers . The furniture looked old and tattered. A red flag went off in Charlotte’s brain. She booked the cheapest hotel , knowing this was probably where they would have stayed if they had gotten married. She inspected the dingy lobby and realized why the hotel was so cheap.
When she entered her room. the first thing she noticed was a very drab bedspread. It had two very noticeable brown stains, and the flowery design was discolored. The flowers all looked wilted and dead, just like her heart felt.  
“Great” she said out loud. “ A dismal bedspread for a glum, miserable human being.”
She dropped her luggage on the gray, rough carpet. The air conditioner in the room needed lessons from the lobby one; it was quite warm and humid in her room. She didn’t bother to turn on the lights. She was sweaty so she jumped into the shower to cool off. The cold water felt good against her hot skin. There was something relaxing about taking an ice cold shower in a dark bathroom.
When she was done she wrapped a white soft towel around herself and looked through her bags to pick out something to wear. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something scamper  across the wall. She blinked and it was gone. She knew her weary eyes were to blame so she started to unpack her bags, her towel wrapped securely around her. She entered the bathroom with her toiletries and as soon as she turned on the light , three gigantic cockroaches scurried underneath the cabinet. She screamed and her toiletries fell from her hand and hit the floor with a large crash. Thick liquid oozed from one of her containers as it hit the ground. As she reached for a tissue to clean up the body lotion, she felt something tingly and prickly on her hand. It was a cockroach! She flung her hand and as the cockroach flew off, she banged her hand against the wall. The pain stung. As salty tears fell down her face, she ran out of the bathroom only to see three more cockroaches crawling around her luggage. She screamed and bolted out the door, locking it behind her.
She realized she was in a towel in the hallway with her room key inside the room.
“Oh my god, what am I going to do?” she cried out loud.
She heard the ding of the elevator and prayed a nice woman would exit and lend her some clothes. An elderly man of about eighty meandered by, looked at her and winked . He then strutted down the hall with a big smile.  She entered the elevator mortified that she now had to go to the lobby naked except for her towel .
“Ow”, she cried as she stepped on something sharp in the elevator. Blood oozed out of her toe. “Damn! “ she cried as she realized  if she used her towel to clean up her bloody toe she would be completely naked.
She departed the elevator and tried to hold her head up high as she pranced through the lobby.
She spotted a tall girl with flowing long red hair. Her legs were accentuated by her short shorts.  Her tight fitting tank top emphasized her enormous breasts. Charlotte rubbed her hands through her dark curly mop. “ God,  I wish I had hair and breasts like her and was  was taller than 5”1, “ thought Charlotte.
She watched the girl’s eyes light up as her boyfriend entered the hotel with their luggage. Charlotte’s mouth dropped when she saw the boyfriend was Rob.  Charlotte turned quickly away and crashed right into a young kid of about eleven, who she didn’t see standing behind her. Her towel fell to the ground in a heap.
“Mom!” screamed the kid at the top of his lungs.
Charlotte quickly grabbed the towel as the mom ran over, grabbed her kid, and screamed “ You despicable human being.”
Charlotte was scared to  turn around to see if Rob and his new beauty were watching her.  Her alternative was to go back upstairs to her cockroach ridden room until she remembered she was locked out.
She didn’t care. She ran to the nearest exit and ran up the four flights of stairs, got to her room, sat on the floor  and started to cry.
“Excuse me, are you okay?”
She looked up and saw a woman around the same age as her with very kind emerald eyes.
“ I got locked out of my room and it’s filled with cockroaches,” Charlotte sobbed, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.
“I’m Jackie. I just spoke to a manager, there seems to be an infestation on this floor. They’re moving me and my husband to a different floor that has been heavily exterminated. Do you want me to go down and get your key, maybe you can move floors to?”
“That is so nice of you. I’m Charlotte by the way.”
After Jackie returned with her key and a manager, Charlotte quickly ran in, got dressed, and grabbed her luggage.
“We are having drinks with my husband’s brother Mitch down the street. He’s staying at a much nicer, pricier hotel. He’s here on business. Do you want to join us?”
Charlotte was about to say no since all she wanted to do was crawl under the covers with a bucket of ice cream but then thought of Rob and his beauty staying in the same hotel. “Please let them be in a cockroach infested room!” she thought.
“Sure, I’ll go,” she said.

After she settled in to her room, she put on a bright yellow shirt ,blue denim capris, and walked down the street. When she entered the hotel bar and saw her new friends with a cheery, handsome man, who must be Mitch, she knew things were going to be okay. And then she spotted Rob and his new girlfriend as she sauntered over to Mitch and  knew everything happened for a reason.


  1. Fantastic story! So well written and thoroughly engaging! Thanks for posting it!