Saturday, August 2, 2014

This is a very short fiction story. If I had to pick a genre I would choose "Young Adult". I am experimenting with all different types of genres. Still a work in progress, read and enjoy.

Looking out the window shielding my eyes from the sun I heard my boyfriend say, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”  As he parked the car I saw the gigantic neon sign of the ice skating rink. Could the sign be any bigger? Maybe it should have said “Ice skating rink where 19 year old scaredy-cats who never  skated before get to meet the perfect ex girlfriend of their current boyfriend.”
“Could you walk any slower?” snapped Danny.  
What I wanted to say was “No I can sprint real fast in the opposite direction. Let me show you.”  But instead I picked up the pace while I imagined the ex girlfriend to look and skate like a cute Olympic skater.
“Danny!” I  turned to see a cute bubbly brunette, who’s ponytail bopped up and down as she ran towards us. She was small and toned, and  looked  uncannily like one of the Olympic skaters I imagined she looked like.  She ran over and gave Danny a big hug. She turned to me and said, “Hi, I’m Allison, you must be Jane.”  She gave me a hug, and I started to relax. She seemed pleasant, almost warm and fuzzy. Maybe she can take me under her wing and help me skate. I imagined her giving me ice skating lessons and relationship lessons, and before you know it we will be best friends! This may be a good day after all!
Her boyfriend Eric came over and he reminded me of Johnny Depp. He was handsome yet quirky and very muscular, compared to my boyfriend who was small, stocky, and more boyish looking. We made all the introductions and then it was time to put on our skates. Allison took off like a delicate swan. Danny took off after her leaving me standing there with Eric.  “I never skated before,” I blurted out.
“Its easy, here , hold on to me,” he said very kindly. My fantasy switched to being best friends with him. He would dump Alison, I would dump Danny , and we would live happily ever after, competing in skating competitions.
I snapped into reality when he said, “Um, can you hold on a little less tight?” I realized I was digging my nails into his arm.
“Sorry, I’ll be OK by myself, you go.”
He skated away and I hung onto the railing for dear life.  After about an hour of slowly walking around clinging to the railing like a newborn clings to its momma, I heard, “Hey hon, how are you doing?”    Great, Danny’s back.  And I can barely stand up straight. He took my arm and next thing I know we are skating , him gracefully, I like a scared monkey hanging onto a tree limb for dear life.  As we skated I started relaxing until I realized we were smack in the middle of the skating rink. He let go of me and said “Bye!” and skated off.
“Oh my god, what am I going to do?”  My heart was beating so fast and so loud almost like a machine until I realized that the sound I heard was not my heart but the Zamboni that was now coming towards me. Everyone else had cleared off the ice, how long was I standing there? My legs were completely frozen, as I imagined being crushed by this giant machine as Danny, Eric, and Allison lived happily ever after as a threesome.
“Jane, how did you get here?” It was Eric, he came to rescue me! Like a superhero rescuing a damsel in distress. He took my arm and we skated back to safety.
On the car ride home, Danny said, “ That was fun. Maybe next weekend we can try rollerskating?”.

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