Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yellow Jackets

I have a strong aversion to yellow jackets. Not the clothing, but the pesky wasps. They are an utter nuisance. I have been lucky enough to live my whole life without ever getting stung. I was told when one of these creatures fly toward you, just ignore it, don’t swap! Well, anyone I know who has been stung has been sitting quietly minding their own business when the yellow jacket attacked. Not me, I create a scene. I swat, scream, and run with my arms swinging in all different directions, like an escaped prisoner from a mental institution. I have never gotten stung so am obviously doing something right. I am not afraid of honeybees, bumblebees, or spiders. They are all good for the environment and honeybees make yummy honey. But yellow jackets?  What good are they? They sting and can kill you if you are allergic. They ruin any chance of eating outside from August through October when they are at their meanest. How annoying is it to be holding a juicy hamburger at a barbecue, and just when you are ready to sink your teeth in for that glorious first bite, a yellow jacket lands on the burger. Or lands on your cup as you are about to take your first sip of a sweet drink or a much needed beer ?  
Even worst is being in the safety of your own home and seeing one flying around looking for its victim to puncture with its sharp stinger. When this happens I go into a complete panic. Once I sprayed one with Windex since that is all I had handy.
Another reason I dislike them is some of their nests are underground which makes walking outside barefoot extremely dangerous. Stepping on a hive would make the yellow jackets very angry! Plus it must be incredibly painful to have a stinger pierce your foot .
I  have found  hives in my mailbox and in my car! Believe it or not,  right after my daughter was born, I was securing her in her carseat when I saw a hive in the corner of the door. How dare they mess with a new mother?!  I was more scared then angry and was able to get someone to remove it  but still! And there have been numerous times when I was pushing a cart of groceries to my car when I was surrounded by one or two. They attach themselves to the grocery bags like little leeches. I almost let go of my cart , that’s how scared I was.
Once I was driving and one flew in the car.  Hearing an annoying buzz and seeing shades of yellow in my peripheral vision was a major distraction and could have caused a potential accident.

I wish yellow jackets would become extinct like dinosaurs.